Monday, 11 May 2015

Happy Mothers Day!!!!!!!!!!!

I got to skype home yesterday which was awesome! I loved getting to chat with my family even if it was only for an hour! The office couple, Elder and Sister Clark let us skype home at their appartment which was super nice of them! They're done their mission after this transfer so me and Soeur Tupai were chacking out their apartment haha. We're gonna see if President will let us move apartments cause theirs is way nicer! We'll see how that works out though haha. Might make some cookies before we ask haha. 

This week was great! Eric is one of our amis with a baptismal date. We only had one lesson with him but it had gone super well so we were super excited about him. But it had been two weeks since we had seen him and he hadn't been answering our calls. I was pretty sad cause he's really great and I had pretty much lots hope. Then on Thursday our plans fell through so we were like well.. what do we do now? Soeur Tupai suggested that we call Eric! I was like ya we can but he won't answer. Well guess what... he answered!!!!!!!!! AND he said he was free RIGHT NOW if we were free! We said of course and ran to go meet him at a parc near the church. We followed up with how is Book of Mormon reading had been going and he went on for 10 minutes about how much he loves it! He started telling us how silly Laman and Lemuel are for not listening to their father and how Nephi is so great and has so much faith. Haha it was the coolest. Me and Soeut Tupai were just like uh, ya! So we've been able to see him more consistently since then which is amazing! It's so cool to see how the Book of Mormon can really soften the hearts of people if they'll just read it! That's the hardest part, getting people to just open the book and read it! 

I was taught a great lesson as well this week. There's a family in our ward who is really great. I remember my first couple weeks here kinda thinking that they needed to get there act together though (I know, don't judge me!) Their kids don't pay attention in church, some of their older kids aren't the nicest. Anyways, I was kinda like oh, well what's their problem? This week their Mom asked us to come over and do some service for them. So on Wednesday we headed to their house and man did I ever learn my lesson! First off, it was amazing to see the love that was in their home! Those teenagers who I thought kinda had an attitude truly love their little silings and help their mom as much as they can! After we finished service they fed us dinner and the mom shared with us a bit of the trials that their family is going through. I really realized that we can't judge people. We truly have no clue what is going on in their home and why things might be a certain way. As missionaries we are invited into peoples homes and for some reason they trust us! We get to see a glimpse into their life and the trials they might be facing. It was a huge learning experience for me that I hope I won't forget! Don't judge is something we're taught every day but I really understood this week why we don't judge! 

I love you all so much and thank you for everything you do! 

Love Soeur Kearney

P.S- I forgot my camera so I don't have pictures to send but I will send pictures for 2 weeks next week! 

Love you all! 

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