Monday, 20 April 2015

Not a single 'tombez-vous'!

What a great week! I feel like I say that every week but they just keep getting better haha. 

So Monday evening me and Sister Benitez caught a train to Clermont. It was a 2 hour train ride all through the France countryside and it was seriously so beautiful! I was amazed! Then we went on exchanges with the Clermont Sisters. I was with Sister Monson and we had a great day! It was super hot in Clermont! It was 28 degress on Tuesday! Crazy! But it was summer for like 3 days and it's cooled down again. 

We had district meeting this week which is always fun. All of us travelled out to Clermont for it and then all the Lyon missionaries caught the same train home so we got to play games all the way home! 

Thursday was a great day! We were super busy and didn't have a single tombez-vous!!! (that would be an appointment that falls through) That NEVER happens! And guess what everyone! Pass along cards work!!! Me and Sister Benitez were out contacting and we started talking to this really cool young adult. We were talking about families with him but then all the sudden he had to run off to catch his bus. Sister Benitez gave him a card just as he was leaving but we didn't know his name or anything. But that's ok, we keep on contacting, nothing out of the ordinary but THEN we noticed that this guy was back! What? So we go up to him again and he told us that he saw mormon on our card and was super interested so he got off at the next stop and walked back to come find us! We talked with him for an hour and THEN a member in a ward walked by so she joined and voila, member present lesson there on the street! His name is Goeffrey and we're hoping to see him again this week! 

We had a contacting activity on Friday at the institute. It was all about family history. We contacted this family and they came in and were looking around and one of them noticed a piano. Turns out Jean Michelle is a gospel singer so he got on the piano and him and his brother were rocking out! Haha it was so funny! All the missionaries joined in to sing and people from the street started coming in without us even having to invite them in! 

It was a week full of miracles! We get transfer calls on Wednesday and then our big mission conference is on Saturday! Elder Nelson and Elder Kearon of the sSeventy will be here to introduce the iPads to our mission. We're super excited!!!!! I can't wait to see the miracles that are going to come from the iPads and how much more efficient we're going to be! 

I love you all so much! I love being a missionary! We get to see miracles everyday and help people everyday to change their lives. 

Soeur Kearney

​Finally got some sightseeing in last monday! This the the Cathedral Furvier (something like that) It's on a big mountain and you can see all of Lyon from it! 

​Beautiful Lyon!

​Me and the cathedral

So this is a cathedral in Clermont. It's made out of volcanic rock which is why it's balck. Me and Sister Monson we're out contacting and we turned the corner and voila! It's so beautiful! 

​This is a painting that one of our amis made for me! Hanan is someone we contacted into and we've been teaching for a few weeks. She's so sweet and she's a wonderful artists! So last night she surprised me and Sister Benitez with paintings she made for each of us! I love it so much! Not sure how I'll be getting it home yet but that's a whiles away haha. We truly get to meet some of the most amazing people! 

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