Monday, 13 April 2015

I love being a missionary!!! This week has been amazing! 

On saturday we did a huge contacting activity as a zone in Bellecour. Remember how I used to hate contacting? Now I love it! I contacted by myself for 2 hours! It was amazing. Some people don't really want to talk to you but some people are so nice and they just tell you their whole life haha. The zone had a total of 187 conversations on Saturday! We talked to 187 people! How crazy is that?! 

My miracle this week was named Gabriel. There's this big statue in the middle of Bellecour of King Louis XIV (how cool is that?!). Lots of people were super busy and didn't want to stop and we were having trouble talking to people so I thought well all those people are by the statue just chilling so they don't have an excuse mwahaha! Anyways, I talked to a bunch of people, even had a lesson with someone and I was about to go back to the main area when I saw this guy. I decided that I shall talk to him! He was the coolest! He was on his lunch break and had gone for a jog and was just about to head back to work but he said he'd give me 10 minutes! (Most people give us 1 haha) I taught him the whole restoration and he ASKED me for a book of mormon! I gave him our card but he didn't give me his number cause since he was out on a jog he didin't have his phone on him and he didn't have his number memorized. He promised to call us though! 

I think that's the hardest part about the mission so far. After we do all we can to teach them and help them in the end it's their choice. We've talked to a few people and you can just feel the burdens they carry with them and we just try to explain to them that we have this amazing gospel that can help them but sometimes they still do'n't want to listen. It's sad seeing them walk away and all we can do is hope that one day they'll meet missionaries again when they're ready to accept it! But those people that do agree to meet with us are the biggest miracles ever!!! 

So, let's talk about what you're all really wondering about, the food! Ha! So the baguettes here are so good and so cheap! We eat so much bread! Also, the pastries, sooooooo good! My favorite is the eclair so far but it's still early in the mission so I will be sure to try more! We don't get tons of mangez-vous here but when we have one, oh man do they feed us! Everything is like 5 course meals! In france usually someone serves the guests so the members are jsut put tons of food on our plates and we eat it up! Unfortanutely that prevents us from being able to strategically not take food we don't like. Last week I ate like 8 shrimp... I thought I was going to die. Haha I don't like seafood very much so it was a struggle. I was praying extra hard to get through that meal. I finally just cut the shrimp up into tiny pieces and swallowed it whole! Hahaha I love being a missionary! 

Well that's it for me this week! It's amazing how many miracles we're seeing and I am so lucky to be here! Transfer calls are next week since President will be in germany week 6 for a conference. I'll be getting a second trainer aka step mom next transfer! Crazy! 


​Need 500 clothes pins pulled apart?! Ask the missionaries! Haha we helped Soeur Meyer this week prepare a craft she was doing with the primary kids. My thumbs were super sore after but it was fun!!! 

​I had crepes this week!!! They were banada crepes and seriously so delicious! One of the JA (jeune adults) made them for us! 

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