Monday, 13 April 2015

WOW! What an amazing week! I can't even remember where to start! 

Conference was amazing! I got to see a couple session in english but watched a few in french because... we had 3 amis come to conference!!! It was amazing! Haha one ami was Antonio. He's so cool and we had our first lesson with him saturday morning (conference is at funky times here with the time change) and then he came to conference Saturday night! Haha and he loved it!!! All the Lyon missioanries were watching conference at one chapel so it was so fun to get to see everyone. 

I was so uplifted by all the talks! I loved how they talked so much about families because in the mission we're doing project elijiah and so everything we do is all about families and we just talk to people about them. One of my favorite talks was by Elder L. Whitney Clayton of the seventy. I actually watched it in french but I'm pretty sure I know what it was talking about haha... Maybe.. I also loved Elder Holland's (of course!) The whole room of missionaries let out a huge breath when he finished because it was so intense haha. 

The work is going great! Aaannnddd.. I can't remember if I told you all but we're getting iPads! April 25th there's going to be a huge mission conference and each missionary will be getting an iPad! It's going to be amazing! We won't be getting facebook though because President says that will bring our attention back out west and we need to stay focused in Europe! But area book, planner, mormon messages. It's going to bring so many miracles! 

Monday we had zone conference so that's why we're emailing today. It was so much fun! We just had an entire day learning from President, Sister Roney, Sister Povar (mission nurse), and the AP's. Then we did a contacting activity as a zone and guess what.. I contacted for half an hour all by myself aaannddd I got 3 phone numbers!!! It was so cool! Ha, I might be able to actually do this missionary thing! 

Today we had a zone p-day and all went to a park in Lyon called parc tet d'or. It was so fun! We brought games and had a picnic and the elders played football while the sisters went to the zoo in the parc. Overall an amazing week! 

I love you all so much! And if you missed conference go watch it because it was amazing! Tomorrow we'll be finishing conference by watching the sunday afternoon session since with the time zone we can't watch it here in France. I love you all so much and I know I just said that but I really do! I am so spoiled with all the emails and letters I get and I just want you all to know that I'm so grateful for everything you all do! 

This gospel is so true!!!

Soeur Kearney

Eating a baguette in France! Haha it was delicious! 

Elevators in France are super small haha. Like... really small. Hopefully no one is clausterphobic! 

​I got to see Sister McClellan at zone conference! Her and her companion actually stayed in my apartment se we got to have a 2 day sleepover! Haha just like the MTC! Also, that is my district leader Elder Elvidge in the back haha. He's the best. 

The sisters in the zone with Sister Roney! She calls herself our mission mom haha. She's the best!

ZONE SELFIE!!! SO! Whoever said I was silly for taking my selfie stick with me was sorely mistaken! Haha everyone thought it was the coolest invention ever!!! Only took us about 10 tries though haha

​Did I tell you I made a quick trip to Africa?! Ha, just kidding! There was a zoo at the park we were at today so we went to see the animals! Sister Hiltunen is the one on the left. She's our STL and is the greatest! She dies this transfer so she'll be heading back to Findland! We'll miss her lots.

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