Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Well it's been a great week at the MTC! Our new missionaries got here on wednesday and we love them! It's been so fun being STL while we actually have a new sister missionary! Sister Calderone is great. SInce she's a solo missionary (only sister that is in her district) I've had some chances to teach with her and wow! She's so great. Way better then I was when I got to the MTC! 

So guess what... THIS TIME NEXT WEEK I'LL BE IN FRANCE!! It's bitter sweet. I love the MTC and all our teachers! All of my district is serving in the Paris mission except for Sister Wilser and I so it'll be sad to say goodbye. I love my district so much! I'm so lucky that they've been able to be part of my MTC experience! Have I said I love the MTC? I love the MTC haha. Everyone is so nice here! I don't think I've had to open a single door since I've been here! 

The reason I'm emailing a little later today is because I asked Brother Newell to come in and share some of his stories from when he was an Ambassador in Sweden and when he worked in the white house. Let me just say he is SO cool! He started working in the white house when he was 23! The stories he has are amazing! He worked very closely with President Ronald Reagan. He told us about the day that Ronald Reagan was shot and everything! Seriously so cool! Brother Newell told us though that he was an ambassador twice in his life. Once he was an ambassador for the United States and another when he was an ambassador for Jesus Christ. He that if he had to choose one he would pick a mission every time! Wow, that really touched my heart. Goes to show how important this work is! I love being a missionary!!!! 

Not much else is new! We're getting all ready to head to France! We leave Monday morning at 11:00am. And we'll get to france 24 hours later! No clue how it all works with time changes though. We fly salt lake-chicago, chicago-london, and then london-Lyon! Woo! There's 8 of us missionaries all flying together. 

Things I've learnt at the MTC:
1. Missionary work isn't about teaching the doctrine! Well it is but so much more of missionary work is letting the spirit take over and teaching what that person needs to learn to change their life
2. God doesn't call young missionaries cause we're good at it! He calls us cause he knows we're inexperienced and we have to rely on the spirit! 
3. God's hand is in everything. There is a reason why each person was in my district. Why I've been called to France at this time. Why my MTC teachers we're my MTC teachers. Why my branch presidency is who they are. God has a reason for everything! 

I'm so grateful for the chance I've had to be here and I can't wait to get to France and start my mission in the field! I love you all so much!!!

Soeur Kearney

Haha so not the best picture, it was SO sunny haha. 

I love these Sisters! Sister McClellan is an amazing singer and sings us to sleep every night haha. We're so spoiled!

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