Sunday, 15 March 2015

And she's off!

Hi everyone!!

So since we're off to France on Monday we get to email on Saturday! Yay! Our last week at the MTC has been an interesting one!

First off, so ok, when new missionaries arrive at the MTC on Wednesdays they have a bunch of different things set up for them. One of them is "People and your Purpose" workshop. So some missionaries come in and do the start of the lesson and then at some point they stop those missionaries and let a group of 60 missionaries take over! Haha so I remember my first night and it's crazy! Let's just say, everyone is awful at it haha. First of all we have no clue what we're doing and second of all there's 60 missionaries trying to teach one lesson! Buuuuttt, Wednesday we get a note on our classroom asking (well, more like telling) our district that we're going to be those missionaries that start the lessons for the new missionaries! It was super scary but super fun! Scary cause I still have no clue what I'm doing and they want me to teach in front of 60 new missionaries?! Fun cause it was a nice change from our usual schedule! And, cool fact, Elder Christensen, one of the Elders from the District 2 videos was observing the group that me and my comps were with! He said we did awesome! He works here at the MTC! Haha so he's pretty much an MTC celebrity.

Some sad news for my district though. Elder Moore has to go back to California because of a knee problem. We found out on Wednesday so it was a sad day for our district. It's hard to think that one of members of our district won't be starting our adventure in France with us. But we had a long talk about it with Sister Coleman and it's definitely in the Lord's plan for him. There is someone he needs to find in California before he can come join us in France. BUT we know he will join us in France! We decided to do "Project District Moore" while he's a home. All of us missionaries report to him in a weekly email on some goals we set together and then he has to report to all of us on all the missionary work he's doing! That way his missionary skills won't get rusty and we can all keep track of the work everyone is doing! I love my district so much! I'm so blessed to have had this chance to grow and learn with them!

Some other exciting news... WE GOT AN APOSTLE!!!! Haha we have been waiting for 6 weeks for an apostle to come give a devotional at the MTC and finally Tuesday night Elder Quintin L. Cook came! It was so exciting! The MTC was a buzzin'! My district all sing in the MTC choir and Tuesday night we sang Praise to the Man for Elder Cook. Whenever an apostle comes the devotionals get broadcasted to all other 14 worldwide MTC's! It was such an exciting night! Elder Cook shared with us the process of how they assign mission calls and it is so cool! So every week one of the 12 get assigned to do mission calls and so they're in a room with 2 screens, one screen has our picture with some info about us; where we're from, languages we know, comments from our bishop and our stake president. Then on the other screen is a list of all the missions in the world! They they pray and ponder about it! Elder Cook said it works a couple different ways. Sometimes he feels like we should be with a certain mission president, sometimes it's a certain language, sometimes a certain nation. All different things but it was so cool to hear him tell us this and really realize that our call is a call from God! This isn't the luck of the draw because I sent my papers in on the week they were assigning France. It's truly a call from a prophet and a call from God! WOW! It's cool as well because everyone in my district got their calls at different times! Earliest was June and latest was December!

Alright, well that's it for me! I'm so lucky to be the Lord's missionary and I can't wait to get to France and start teaching the french people! I love being a missionary! I know that this church is the Church of Jesus Christ and it was restored by Joseph Smith.
Talk to you all in France!
Soyez sage! (Sometimes I make little comments when I post on the blog--in blue--...and in this case, for those who don't know what this is 'be good!')
Soeur Kearney!

Soo more proof that our branch presidency is the best! Elder Moore on Sunday was saying how he misses in and out so much! So Brother Dowling said he'd tried and get us some but they aren't allowed to bring food in because of rules so we didn't think much of it. Tuesday we go to get mail and there's a package there that they said just came like 5 minutes ago and it was warm.. we're like uh what the heck.. is this a bomb? Haha we go and open it, Brother Dowling mailed us In and Out! He just dropped it off at the MTC mail office right before we go and got our mail! Haha it might look kinda gross but after 6 weeks of MTC food we would probably eat anything haha.

Our last class with Soeur Coleman! I love her so much!

Saying goodbye to Frere Davis and Soeur Echols. We were crying a lot so ignore the puffy eyes and red faces! We were honestly blessed to have the best teachers in the whole MTC with us!!!

​Haha so I have some special roommates. Our room was smelling kinda weird (probably cause it's been awhile since we've cleaned) so instead of clean we decided to put some bounce sheets on the vents! Anyways, the shortest one in the room, Sister McClellan decides that she's going to put the bounce sheet on the vent but she can't reach so instead of Sister Allen getting on the chair Sister McClellan get's on Sister Allen's shoulders and does it! Haha they both almost broke some bones but our room smelt nice! I especially like the chair in the picture that is honestly right beside them haha.

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