Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Week 4! Seriously? Time flies when you're having fun!

Hi Everyone!

WOW! I can't believe I've been out for a month! Time has flown by!!!! We were doing the math last night and we're something like 4.5% done our mission! :( I love it here so much! I was writing in my journal last night and I can honestly say I would rather be no place else then where I am right now! I have been learning so much on my mission AND having such a wonderful time. I love both of my companions so much as well as Sister Fagg and Sister McClellan (our wonderful roommates who are also serving in Lyon). It's amazing how close you become with people when you spend 16 hours a day with them for a month haha. 2 weeks left here at the MTC and then we're all off to Paris and Lyon!

I got assigned Sister Training Leader this week! I'm so excited to be STL my last two weeks here in the MTC. For the past month we have been the only sisters in our zone but starting tomorrow we'll have a brand new sister! I'm so excited to get to help her and love her! She's a solo missionary (she's the only sister missionary coming next week who will be learning french which means she won't have a companion) so I'm also assigned as her companion for times when she's not in class with the rest of her district. She'll be moving into our room which will be interesting! We have 6 beds in our room but only 4 closets so usually they only put 4 sisters to a room so we were already squished with 5. I was using the extra bed as my closet haha. But we made some adjustments and we're excited to have Sister Calderon with us!

Our Elders from the other district left this morning for Montreal! We were very sad to see the 4 of them leave but I'm so excited for them to be going to Montreal! Me and Elder Kendrick made sure to tell them to eat lots of poutine and to make sure they try ketchup chips! Haha we also told them that everyone in Montreal cheers for the Maple Leafs so to be sure to tell everyone that that's their favorite hockey team when they first meet people.. hee hee. Go Leafs! 

So funny story! Elder Huckabee is a good ol' southern boy from Texas. He's about the most patriotic person I've ever met. Anyways, one of his best friends is Mitt Romney's grand-daughter and well Elder Huckabee is probably Mitt Romney's biggest fan haha. So Elder Huckabee got a package from her this week.. It was a pair of Mitt Romney's sweatpants haha. Pretty sure he almost cried haha. That guys just cracks me up.

Teaching has been going really well this week! Sadly. Hely and Jose are members so no baptisms for us quite yet haha. But that's ok, we love teaching them and we've really seen an improvement in ourselves as teachers!

This weeks spiritual thought: We should feel inadequate! Wait.. what?? Bishop Caussé came to the MTC Tuesday night for a devotional. First off super cool cause we was from Bordeau which is in my mission and he had this awesome french accent! But his message was that we need to feel inadequate because that's when we are going to turn to the Lord and ask for his help. Why does the Lord cause such young missionaries?? Cause we have absolutely no clue what we're doing! We need the Lord's help is we want to be successful on our missions. So, when we're feeling inadequate it doesn't mean we can't do it! It just means it's time to kneel and pray. Trust me, it works!!!

I love you all so much! That you all for the support and the love that you all give me.

Soeur Kearney

Sutyding hard!!!!

Add capStudying by osmosis,.... didn't work very well hahation

So we sisters are so spoiled!!! We have so much candy in our room! And sad thing is that's not even all of it! My wonderful parents sent us donuts the night before but sad to say those didn't last the night haha.

Left to right; Sister Fagg, ME!, Sister Wilsher, Sister Allen, Sister McClellan
​Love these girls so much!

Zone 46! We're going to miss the Montreal missionaries so much!

Haha some of our crazy elders posing for the camera! GQ here they come!

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