Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Hey everyone!!!

Can I first say that you are all the best! I've been so blessed to hear from so many of you while I've been out. It means so much to me to hear from you all and know what's going on in your lives!

These past couple days have been amazing! Have I told you all about how awesome Sunday's at the MTC are?? Well for relief society in the morning all the sisters go to the big gym. There's about 500 of us all together and it's amazing! I love relief society! We belong to the biggest women's organization in the WORLD! Woo! Anyways, so this week our speaker for Relief Society was Sister Linda Reeves from the General Relief Society Presidency! She's so wonderful! So, get this.. Sister Reeves asks all the converts in the room to stand. So I stand up along with about 30 other sisters in the room. Then... Sister Reeves points to me and asks me to come up to the stand... Uh... what?? Haha so I make the long walk to the stand and she gives me a big hug and then asks me about a questions about my conversion! It was so cool, kinda nerve wracking cause I've never been in front of that many people haha. But for the rest of the day everyone kept coming up to me telling me I did great haha. It was seriously such a cool experience to have such an amazing women get to know me by name and take the time to learn about me. Haha so awesome Sunday!

Then yesterday, me and my companions were in the hallway 'studying' (we were a tad distracted at the time talking about life haha), then Sister Fagg and Sister McClellan (our roomies) came by and were talking to us when this lovely Spanish couple started talking to us. Their names were Hely and Jose and it was their first time at the MTC! Jose's friend had referred them to the MTC because there were some things in their life that they were struggling with and he thought the missionaries might help! So they were asking us a bunch of questions and were kinda skeptical about us missionaries. They didn't understand why such young girls would but their life on hold for a mission. So we explained our feelings to them and why we were all on missions. They softened a bit but were still skeptical. Then Jose shared that his mother passed away last week. We were able to share with him part of the plan of salvation and told him where his mother was right now. Jose got very emotional (as did all of us) as we were explaining it all. It was amazing to see them go from skeptical to just realizing the truth of what we were saying! We talked for an hour and a half! Then we had to go because we had class but Jose asked US, let me repeat that, Jose asked US if we could meet again haha. Uh, YES! So we're meeting with them again on Wednesday! I'm so excited! I love them both so much and I just hope that we can keep teaching them by the spirit. It was funny cause at the end of the lesson the Elders asked us what exactly we said to them and we couldn't really remember. That's how we knew that the spirit took over that lesson. It wasn't us speaking but it was the Spirit. COOLEST EXPERIENCE EVER!

Haha SO as much as I love the MTC sometimes we get a little bored here haha. Our days are pretty much always the same. 5 hours of study time that we do by ourselves (personal, comp, language study, all that fun stuff) Then we have 6 hours of teachers with us and 1 hour of gym at the end of the day. Anyways, we've been comping up with clever ways to keep us entertained. First off, we found this pen! It's not just any pen, it's an I am a Child of God pen. Haha anyways. Elder Kendrick started slipping it into our bags when we weren't paying attention. So finally we sisters decided to get him back. So we started putting it in his bag! Now we've started getting creative! I've been able to get it in Elder Kendrick suit coat (don't worry, he wasn't wearing it!) And Elder Kendrick hit the pen in the binding of my scriptures! That took me a day to find haha! Right now I've convinced Elder Huckabee to but the pen under his pillow tonight, stay tuned to see how that turns out haha.
Our other great ideas of entertainment was a pizza eating contest (we get pizza every Friday for dinner) Elder Huckabee and Elder Blackwelder tied at 13 each. And THEN the elders had the grand idea of seeing who could drink the most OJ at dinner last night. Yaaaa... they were all SUPER sick last night during class. Our teachers were not too pleased with them. Don't worry though, us Sisters warned them not to do it! We're mature ;)

Spiritual Thought of the week:
Heavenly Father is not a respecter of persons! He doesn't care if you're the president or homeless on the street, he loves us all the same. He doesn't know us for the name we've made for ourselves on this earth but for the good works we've done. He makes this evident by calling inexperienced, immature 18,19,and 20 year olds to be his missionaries! He could easily ask more experienced wiser people but he calls us young kids! Brother Newell (he a member of my branch presidency) was the Ambassador of Sweden and US assistant secretary of state! He's worked with the last 7 Presidents of the United States! (Google him everyone! He's the coolest!) (another fun fact, he's also known the last 7 prophets, who is this guy?!) But Heavenly Father could call him to be his missionary! Don't you think people might listen to a man of his stature more then me? Maybe! But God trusts us, and he knows that us young adults are able and willing to do this work. And it doesn't only work that way for missionaries! Anything that God asks you to do is because he knows you are exactly what he needs at the time to fulfill that purpose. So don't ever doubt yourself! You're the best person for the job! This was what Brother Newell talked about on Sunday! It boosted my confidence a lot and I hope it helps some of you!

I love you all so much!
-Soeur Kearney

So it snowed one night while we were studying! Elder Ramos had never seen snow so we all ran out so he could see it! We probably should have been studying but we told President Merril and he said he approved of our snow break haha. I love this bunch so much!

​We get to go for a walk around the temple every Sunday which is always prime time for some pictures!

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