Monday, 23 March 2015

Vive la France!!!

Ok first off: french keyboards are different so it's taking me like double the time to type haha

second off: I'm in FRANCE!!!!! My first area is here in Lyon! I'm in the Portes Des Alpes area with Souer Benitez. She is so wonderful! This is actually her last transfer so I'll be finishing my training with somebody else! I'm so excited to be here in Lyon! they have seen so much success in the area the past couple months. Just last week they had 2 baptisms in our ward! 

The ward is really great here! They are all so excited to do missionary work and help us any way they can. We have 6 amis (investigators) right now and we're always finding new people! it's crazy how many people stop and talk to us. Some poeple aren't exactly pleased to see us but most people are super nice! 

usually I can understand what's going on but sometimes i can't totally understnd their accent so I just awkwardly smile haha. Soeur Benitez promises it'll get easier though! one time we were talking to this guy and i thought it was going great... turned out he was getting mad at us. Oh well!! Sometimes it helps when you can't understand haha

Lyon is so beautiful! I love it here! most people use public transportation to get around, just like us! there's so many scooters!!! It's super funny. Like not an electric scooter but like a scooter scooter. So you see men in suits with their breifcase scootering their way to work!

Our apartment is nice! it's small but we're never in it anyways. BUT let's be real, I'm not known for my cleanliness and I think this appartment is gross haha! President said we should keep our apartment clean enough so we wouldn't be ashamed if our mom stopped by.... Sorry Mom! But don't worry, me and Soeur Benitez spent a long time cleaning this morning. My mom probably still wouldn't stay in my apartment but I'd be ok if she stopped by and didn't stay too long haha.

I'm having a great time and I love France!!! The people are wonderful and I love when we get to teach people. 

I love you all so much!!!!!!

Soeur Kearney

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