Monday, 30 March 2015

Good news!! I figured out how to make the keyboard english!
Other good news! I'm doing much better this week then I was last week! I've figured out it takes me about a week to adjust to new situations! The MTC took me about a week to adjust and so did the mission field! I mean I still have a long way to go but I'm not nearly as homesick as I was last week!
This week was great! My favorite part was a lady we contacted into. Her name is Hanan and we were talking to her about families (The mission is doing this thing called project Elijiah and we're doing a questionaire asking people about their family. It's amazing the miracles that come when you start asking people about their family. They always start out and they're like 2 minutes tops and then like 10 minutes later were like alright people, we've gotta go but here's our number haha.) Anyways, Hanan is just super interested and she says that she's spoken to us before and we're like ya probably some other missionaries. We fix a rendez-vous with her and give her our number but we didn't get hers. That's something we try not to do cause then usually if we don't have their number they just don't show up and they're lost forever!!! BUT Hanan CALLED US on Friday confirmng our apopointment. So we're already like super excited. She showed up earler for our rendez-vous and we started filling out a family booklet with her. Then she kinda start talking about the gospel and she's just amazing. She starts saying stuff to us and we're like that's actually exactly what the Book of Mormon says. We showed her some scriptures and she was amazed haha. Like almost word for word what she was saying! Unfortunately we had to start wrapping it up because we had ward council to get to but we fixed another rendez-vous with her for tomorrow and as we were leaving she just kept saying how there's something special here. It was honestly so amazing to see! I can't wait till tomorrow!
Everything else is good! I've been getting to know the members better and we've been doing lots of service! Everyone loves Canada and there's quite a few members who served their missions in Canada! One guy served in the Alberta mission and knows the Burgess family! He was in Cold Lake for a couple transfers! He was even a zone leader and made a couple trips to Fort McMurray! Only person I've met who knows where that is haha.
We had distrcit meeting this week which was tons of fun! It's so nice to be around other missionaries. Sister McClellan is in my district so I got to see her which was so great! She helped the homesickness a lot! AND! There's an Elder in my district, Elder Landry who loves hockey!! He's from georgia but both of his parents are from Canada so he was like hey... did you watch the world juniors this year? And I was like uh ya! How do you even know about those?! So anyways now we're best friends haha.
Me and sister Benitez were planning on doing some sightseeing buuuut it's pouring rain outside haha. So we'll see about that.
Hey guess what! It's conference weekend this weekend!!! I'm so excited! It's a little different here in France with the time change so we watch them in the evenings. They show the women's braodast saturday afternoon as well! We're excited to ask EVERYONE we meet to come watch it cause hello, the prophet it going to speak to us!!!!
Well that about sums up my week! I love you all so much and miss you all like crazy! I want you all to know tha I know the Savior lives. Without him there is no way I could do half the things I'm doing here. But with him we can do all things.
Soeur Kearney.
P.S- It's true about the patisseries! They're everywhere!!! Like as many Tim Hortons in Canada but like even more then that haha. Crazy! 

This is from our first day in the mission! They took all the blues and their trainers contacting in Bellcour. Super fun but super scary haha. 

So we went to Parc Tet D'or last week and they have a zoo there. In the zoo they have deer haha. I was like yaaa.. I've got deer in my backyard and they eat all of my mom's birdseed. Sister Benitez and our ami couldn't believe it! 

Part of the area we cover is a little town called L'isle Dabeau which is about a 30 minute train ride from Lyon. So i took a picture of my first train ride in France!!! Nothing too extravagent but it was fun haha. 

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