Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Things are great at the MTC!

Oh Valentines Day in the MTC and love is in the air!!! No, no, don't worry, not that kind of love! Christlike love! Heehee, oh I make myself laugh... and my companions think I'm crazy haha. Me and the sisters made candy grams for all the Elders in our branch! There's only 8 of them so it wasn't too much work haha. We really didn't think the Elders did anything BUT they had written a song for us 3 to the tune of I Am A Child of God! Haha our Elders are the best! I tried to record it but they wouldn't let me!

So I am happy to report that this week I am doing about 10000000000000x better then I was last week! Someone described the first week of the MTC being like trying to drink water from a fire hydrant. Hahahaha can you get that mental picture? Well that was exactly how I was feeling!!! I was discouraged cause I didn't understand how I was ever going to become the missionary the Lord wants me to be. This week though I am seeing improvement! I'm far from perfect but I'm slowly getting there! And best of all, I am getting along with my companions! Our first week together was a little rough but I've really grown to love them! It's amazing the difference it makes when you get along with your companions. The teaching becomes so much easier!

So in the mornings we have 4 hours of study time. We do personal study, companionship study, language study, and then TALL which is language study on a computer program. Anyways sometimes it's hard to stay focused, especially during personal study because we are all 'bavarderds' (that's french for chatter box!) So we put in a rule that whoever breaks the silence during personal study has to sing a hymn by themselves for everyone... Let's just say there's lots of singing haha. I'm pleased to report I have not had to perform yet though!

The French is coming along! My teachers are definitely pickier with me when it comes to french because my french is a lot better then everyone else... I say that in the most humble way possible haha. But really! My district is doing so amazing! 2 weeks and they can teach and have conversations in french! At first it was hard but I'm finally getting back in the swing of things although I haven't been able to kick my french Canadian accent. Classes can get a bit boring cause what we do in class is what I remember learning in grade school. Anybody remember the book La Roue that we used?! Yup, it's pretty much that! Haha it's good though, my teachers always keep it interesting and try and challenge me which helps a lot!

The other day my whole zone came into our classroom (there's only 11 of us so it's not that many. We're the smallest zone in the whole MTC right now!) Anyways we were chatting away and then other district were asking me and Elder Kendrick about the Canadian National Anthem since they'll be serving in Montreal! So we taught it to them and we all sang it, then they sang the American national anthem! Elder Huckabee is from Texas and is about as patriotic as they come! Haha so he loved that. Then we all sang the England national anthem and lastly Elder Ramos tried to teach us the Mexican national anthem! It was so fun and so amazing to see so many people from all over the world in one little room! The MTC is cool like that! I swear, this is the only place in the world that you can hear English, french, Spanish, Tahitian, mandarin, Korean, creole, and more all on a daily basis! So amazing what happens here at the MTC!

So spiritual thought for the week:

Our sacrament meeting this week was about faith and Sister Merril gave a really wonderful talk! I wish a could remember all of it but I'll give you guys the gist. She was talking about how the enemy of faith is fear. When we have trust and faith in our Heavenly Father we won't ever be scared because we know that he will always provide for us. It's an amazing thought to have to think that if we have faith we never have a reason to fear because we will always be provided for! Heavenly Father's plan is better then any plan we could ever think of for ourselves so always have faith and you will never have a reason to be scared!

I love you all so much and think about you each day! You're love support, and prayers mean the world to me!

Soeur Kearney 

Haha sooo this is what we're learning at the MTC. Ya... I have no clue what it means either

Cookies for the tri from Brother and Sister Dowling for Valentine's Day! We are so spoiled by our branch presidency! Love them so much! They were the best cookies ever!!!

Valentine's Day candy grams for the Elders!!!

The District on Valentine's Day!

Our wonderful Elder's singing for us on Valentine's Day!

​Temple walk on Sunday :)  

And then...this surprise...

Taylor on his way to work at the MTC saw Shannon on her P-day!

Best surprise ever Shannon said!  Taylor agrees!

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