Tuesday, 5 July 2016

So this week started of with an amazing pday! Jonathan and his
girlfriend Jamelle took us and the elders to Geneva and then to
Yvoirre. Two of the most beautiful villes I've seen my whole mission!

We also got to visit Anne-Marie and Patrice this week! They again
taught us how to make two delicious cakes and then we got to teach
them about Heavenly Father. We watched one of my favorite Mormon
messages; Heavenly Father, Earthly Father. I love that one because it
helps us see how truly wonderful Heavenly Father is. Anne-Marie was
really touched but she's still struggling to pray. She's had so many
trials that she's created a wall between her and God. But she's great
friends with two of the strongest members in the ward and I think
she's truly starting to feel Heavenly Fathers love through them.

Thursday I had a SUPER FUN exchange with Sr. Fagg! She used to serve
in this sector and so it was super fun to visit the members with her.
We visited Jocelyne who Sr. Fagg taught before Jocelyne was baptized.
Then we had a super fun mangez-vous with the bishops family, the
Volet's. We honestly laughed the whole evening.

Friday was Canada Day! I was SUPER sparced by the office who called
and sang O Canada to me and like the 5 other Canadian missionaries in
the mission haha. We're small in number but mighty in our love for

This Sunday was probably one of the most uplifting Sunday's on my
mission. We were super busy! We taught 2 lessons, had Nina and her
family, and 2 Amis at church but I felt the spirit so strongly the
whole day. I know the sabbath can truly be a delight and I'm grateful
I was able to experience how wonderful it can be. It helps that the
members here are so so so wonderful!

Je vous aime beaucoup!
Sœur Kearney

Us on Genève Lac!  


We got Jonathan to swim out to a rock for us since none of us missionaries are allowed to swim. 

Annemasse Group

So long story short we had a game at zone training with water balloons haha. I don't really remember how we linked it in. 

La famille Volet! Before dinner 

And after dinner! Haha they fed us tartiflette which is potatoes, bacon, and cheese. So good! 

Sr. Maulini! 

Haha so in the game of life Sr. Smith lost haha. The iron was too hot and she put a hole in her shirt. 

Today for pday we went to the top of Mt. Salève. The white mountain behind us is Mount Blanc 

Annemasse district!

The view of Geneva from the top of Mount Salève 

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