Wednesday, 17 June 2015

What an awesome first week to start off a transfer! We saw so many
miracles this week!

Our first one was a lesson we had with Liliana and her boyfriend Paco.
Some members in our ward invited us and them over to eat Wednesday
night. Sounds great right? Every missionaries dream! Except, Liliana
and Paco don't speak any French! But it turned out fine! We translated
for them the whole night but we had an amazing lesson! Frere and Soeur
Venet shared their conversion story and just brought the spirit so
strong! The whole evening was amazing! The spirit was their the whole
time! After that I figured something out! Missionary work is kinda
like parenthood! Everyone talks about parenthood and how it's so
tiring and hard but little moments make it all worth it. Well, it's
the same for missionary work! We're tired like all the time, and it's
hard walking all day talking to strangers but then we have an amazing
lesson like that and it makes all that hard work worth it!

We also had another miracle at church this week. Our ami Gloria has
been MIA for 2 weeks and we didn't know what was going on. But she
came to church and brought her sister with her! She has been in Spain
so her phone wasn't working and we were able to fix a rdv (rendezvous) with her
this week!

Today we went to presidents house for some pday fun! President only
has 2 weeks left before he goes home! It's crazy to think he's almost
done his mission! When I first arrived I tried really hard not to love
them because I knew they would be leaving but I failed. President and
sister Roney are so wonderful and I have learnt so much from them! So
I'm sad to see them go but I'm excited for what President Brown is
going to bring to the mission.

Well that's it for this week. I love you all so much!

Gros bisous!
Soeur Kearney

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