Thursday, 5 February 2015

And she's off!

Shannon arrived safe and sound at the MTC on Tuesday evening!  Taylor picked her up from the airport and they went to In and Out Burger, then off to the MTC.  So glad he was there for her!  She was too!  They whisked her off to a devotional as soon as she arrived so Taylor didn't even get to snap a pic!  He works at the MTC so he is going to try to get a picture on his next shift and then I can post it. 

Shannon has added her contact info below and if anyone would like to write her while she is in the MTC, a company called lets you write a letter online and if it gets sent in before around noon-2pm, they print it and she gets a letter delivered to her box at the MTC.  If it gets written later, it gets printed and delivered the following day.  So either way, it's fun for them to get paper mail each day and then they don't have to wait for P-day e-mails once per week.  From this site, you can also send care packages with goodies etc.  Our missionaries loved it.  It's a nice way to transition into missionary life!

I volunteered to help get her blog going and keep it going while she is away.  So if you bookmark her blog, you can check it every Tuesday and it will be updated (provided her p-day is Monday).  If her p-day is a different day, I will update that info on the blog so you will know when to check for new posts and pictures.

We are so proud of Shannon and grateful to know her awesome family and have her be such a big part of ours!  Thanks for supporting her on her adventure.


ps...there is a link to Jenna's mission blog as well on the right-hand side (Sisterhood of the traveling Skirts).

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