Monday, 17 August 2015

Bonjour tout le monde! 

This has been a super fun week! I'm going to start with probably one of the oddest experiences I had on my mission! 

So it was our p-day and we were just going home quickly when this guy Hamza contacted me on the bus. He had talked with missionaries before and knew who I was. Hamza was carrying a big bucket with cucumbers in it and we were like uh.. what's up with all the cucumbers? And he tells us that he has this pet pig that he keeps on his rented out garden land that wasn't too far from where we were. He asked if we wanted to go see it with him so we were like pourquoi pas! So it was about a 15 minute walk and we were being kinda careful just in case but we got there and there were some other people there BUT no pig. Turns out the pig had ran away. Hamza was pretty upset and so my crazy companion suggests that we help look for this pig. So there we were searching for like 45 minutes in our skirts for this darn pig. FINALLY we found the pig and now Hamza is one of our new amis! So voila, moral of the story.. well I don't think there is a moral of the story haha. It was just all very odd. 

We also had a ward picnic this week which was tons of fun! French picnics are very funny because french people have never heard of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches haha. Everyone brings plates and cutlery and we ate pasta and salad and quiche and bread haha. But it was a wonderful day and it was a perfect time for me and Soeur Mattinson to get to know some of the members!

We played some french games as well which was super fun! There was one where we make two times and makes two lines and face each other. There's an object in the middle and the ref calls out a number and then the people who are assigned those numbers have to race to get to the object before the other one. Then who ever gets the object has to bring it back to their side without being touched by the other person. So anyways we were playing this game (we made sure that we were only matched up with other women, don't worry) and it was tons of fun! One time me and Sr. Mattinson got matched together and she totally tackled me!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahaha it's ok cause I love her but still! The members were killing themselves though, they thought it was the funniest thing. 

I've been having tons of fun the past couple of weeks. It's been amazing to see how happy I am. That's totally cliché missionary but it's true! As missionaries we never have to worry about ourselves and so we get to spend all of our time helping other people and it's so rewarding. We know exactly what time we wake up every morning and what time we go to bed and all the horus in between are just spent having fun and helping others. We couldn't ask for much more as missionaries!

I love you all so much!
Soeur Kearney

There really was a pig!  Phew!

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